We often say, “We do weird!” Joking aside, we revel in appraising complex and unique projects — things most appraisers don't see over the course of years, or even a career, such as railway corridors, golf courses, cemeteries and funeral homes, a partial interest in a business, an outdoor recreation conglomerate, or the historic rehabilitation of a large shuttered mill into a residential/retail/office complex. In short, if you need to know the value of a real estate project, we can figure it out!

Questions We Hear Regularly

  • We inherited our parents' estate. How can we minimize the estate taxes?
  • Our office was destroyed by fire. How can we get a true value to compare to what the insurance company says it's worth?
  • I have been approached with an offer to buy some of my land. Is it a fair offer?
  • We want to buy a building, but want to know a fair offering price.
  • A utility company wants an easement across my property. How much is that worth?
  • How do we value my interest in a jointly-owned property?
  • My house had mold damage; how has that affected its value?